Details Published date
RFP the Supply of Wireless Barcode Scanner 15 Nos 18/05/2024
RFP for the Supply of LC PC – LC PC Single Mode Simplex 5m OFC Patchcords – 300 Nos. 10/05/2024
Inviting Tender for the supply, installation, configuration & commissioning of a NextGen Firewall for KFON HO Pattom – Last Date 22/03/2024 – 4PM
Last Date for Submission extended to 29/02/2024 – 4PM : Tender for Bulk SMS Service – KFON Project.

Tender for Bulk SMS Service – KFON Project
Corrigendum-1     Corrigendum 2

Inviting Tender for the supply of MANPOWER Services – Last Date 20/01/2024. 12/01/2024
RFP for the Supply of SC/APC – LC/PC Single MOde Simplex 10m OFC Patchcords – 3000 Nos. 05/01/2024
RFP for Providing Internet Leased Connectivity at KFON NOC at Info Park, Kochi 21/10/2023
RFP for Supply of Network Switched for KFON FTTH Network 21/10/2023
RFP for Connectivity Infrastructure Installation to provide high-speed internet access to schools in all districts 19/10/2023
RFP for the supply of 8 Port OLT (4 Nos) on KFON project 16/10/2023
Request for Proposal (RFP) – Extending Connectivity from KFON Network to Households in Valippara and Chonampara Tribal Settlements, Kottoor (Trivandrum District) 05/10/2023
Request for Proposal of Supply Materials for FTTH Kottoor 03/10/2023
Inviting Expression of Interest for SMS Service on KFON project 20/09/2023
Inviting Proposal for Identity Authentication for KFON -Last date extended to 30/09/2023 23/09/2023
Inviting application for KFON LNP partners 30/07/2023
Expression of Interest for Leasing of Dark Fibers of OPGW & ADSS Installed in KFON 06/07/2023
Request for Proposal of Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Maintenance of ISP Hardware, Software and License 26/05/2023
Request for Proposal for providing Internet Leased connectivity at KFON NOC, Info Park, Kochi
1. Request for Proposal
2. Notice Inviting Tender
3. Tender Details
Selection of Project Management Unit (PMU) for Kerala Fibre Optic Network 24/04/2023
Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of ISP Hardware and Software for Kerala Fibre Optic Network. 24/04/2023
Selection of Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Kerala Fibre Optic Network
Document 1 : RFP
Empanelment of LAN & Wi-Fi set up in Government Institutions of Kerala 21/02/2023
Empanelment of Vendors for setting up LAN & Wifi in Govt. of Kerala Institutions
Document 1 : RFP   
Document 2 : NIT
Document 3 : Corrigendum
Document 4 : Hardware compliance details
Document 5 : Corrigendum V2
Document 6 : Revised BoQ V 2.Hardware details
Document 7 : Tender Extension Notification
Document 8 : Tender Extension upto 11th January 
Document 9 : Corriegendum_v3
Document 10 : BoQ hardware compliance_v3
Request for Proposal For Selection of Project Monitoring Agency(PMA)of Kerala Fibre Optic Network and Reliable Communication and Data Acquisition Network 03/02/2021
Request for Proposal for Selection of an Agency for Implementation of Kerala Fibre Optic Network & Reliable Communication and Data Acquisition Network
Volume -I – Instructions to Bidders
Volume -II- Scope of Work & Technical Specifications